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What repeal really means

Eight million people and counting: That's how many people have purchased health insurance plans through the new marketplace. Despite the fact that millions of people are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, some members of Congress have spent the past few years trying to repeal it. We can't let that happen.

OFA volunteers across the country won’t stand by and let their representatives act this way. From New Jersey to California, OFA volunteers visited their representatives offices and asked them one simple question: “Do you still want to take away my health care?”

In Austin, Texas constituents Keegan Patterson and Sally Villareal, who have both found more affordable health coverage thanks to Obamacare, visited Congressman Lamar Smith’s office to show him what repeal means to them.

"Obamacare has allowed me to pursue my dream of opening my own business," Keegan explained, "something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago because of a pre-existing condition that has prevented me from obtaining private insurance for years."

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, OFA spring fellows and other volunteers joined Representative Ron Kind at an event at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus, thanking the congressman for his support of the Affordable Care Act.

While millions of Americans are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act nationwide, 5.7 million Americans are being left behind because some state lawmakers are putting politics over people, and refusing to enact the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that would expand Medicaid coverage in their states.

In Florida, a group of 20 OFA-Florida volunteers and members of MoveOn assembled at the Florida State Capitol before visiting the offices of key state representatives, where they asked them to expand Medicaid to the almost two million Floridians who are currently being denied coverage.

These are only a couple of the many OFA events that happened across the country. Check out more tweets and photos in the slideshow below:

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