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What Inspires Volunteer George M.?


Volunteers always have a one-of-a-kind reason why they were inspired to get involved with the campaign. New York City volunteer George M. is no exception, and he shared with us his passion, inspiration and hopes for the future.

Do you have children, grandchildren, students, neighbors? Young people are who inspire George M. to volunteer. A native New Yorker, George recounted the elections that sparked his interest in politics. He is a proud Democrat at 50 years old, but believes that the promise of the future lies within youth’s bright ideas.

“Instead of sitting on the sidelines and just being the voter, sometimes you need to do more.”

What is it about young people that has motivated George M. to make calls and knock on doors? He finds that they are tolerant of all people and filled with bright ideas. He recognizes that within the upcoming generation are the leaders of tomorrow.

By volunteering his own time, George M. recruits new volunteers, mobilizing the 2012 campaign throughout communities across the state. With every call, this campaign moves forward. With every volunteer, this campaign continues to build from the ground up. We know you have a reason for supporting President Obama, just like George. This campaign needs passionate people like you and George to enable a victory in 2012. Make the first step by emailing to find out how you can get started.

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