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"What a great honor and privilege."

This past Tuesday evening, I had the honor of speaking with our First Lady Michelle Obama on a special conference call with other Michigan women. I asked her what women on the call could do right now, and the First Lady enthusiastically responded with a call to sign up at

When Mrs. Obama spoke of the friendships between women forged during the '08 campaign and that remain strong today - it seemed she was speaking directly to myself and the women of North Oakland County.

We found kindred spirits in '08, through our mutual values that Barack Obama represented. In these years that have followed, we have become life-long friends seeing each other through good times and difficult. I like to think our group of women is unique, but it is also heartwarming to know that women across our country have found the same friendships as we have.

An additional thrill for me Tuesday night was that my mother, who lives in assisted living, was spending the week at my home and was able to hear me speak one-on-one with the First Lady. Today, Mom is still smiling. I am so glad she was here to share this wonderful opportunity with me.

Join the incredible women of Team North Oakland and I at our OFA Oakland County office opening in Pontiac tonight, and make connections with other volunteers that will surely last beyond 2012.

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