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“We’re working for Obama because he’s working for us.”

Why are Steve and Lori of Warren working to re-elect President Obama? Because they know his policies are working — for all Americans.

Lori was employed by automakers her entire career, as was most of her family.

“If Detroit had gone bankrupt, we would have lost our pensions and a lot of people would have lost their savings. Thanks to President Obama, people are working again and housing values in our neighborhood are improving.”

President Obama is turning around the economy. Steve knows the facts.

“We were losing 800,000 jobs a month when he got elected, and if the auto industry had gone under we’d have lost millions more. The President turned that around and has created 4.6 million private sector jobs so far.”

President Obama is working to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. This is especially important to Steve and Lori, who are both retired.

“Part of every one of our paychecks went to Social Security so we’d have it now. That shouldn’t ever be touched. And if Medicare became vouchercare, we would have to pay thousands out of our own pocket.”

President Obama wants everyone to do their fair share. Steve believes working people shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than the wealthy.

“Mitt Romney is paying taxes on investments — he doesn’t even work. The middle class pays taxes on money they have to work to earn, and we have to pay more? That’s not fair.”

There are plenty of other reasons Steve and Lori support President Obama, including health care and banking reform. They share their stories when they volunteer to make phone calls to voters.

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