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“The Auto Industry is Fighting Back”

The auto industry got some good news this week: On Monday, Chrysler announced its first quarterly profit since 2006, and this morning GM reported its fifth profitable quarter in a row.

It's a major turnaround from where these manufacturers were in 2009, when both companies were in danger of going under and taking hundreds of thousands of jobs with them.

We've been speaking to people like Harvey, a retired auto worker who has seen firsthand how things have changed in his industry and his community since President Obama decided two years ago to help the manufacturers stay afloat with government loans.

The American auto-industry has faced many, many difficult adversities over the years," Harvey says.

In 2008 the industry was in dire straits, but now the quality of the cars we make here can compete with anybody in the world.

Had the President not approved the money, this country would have suffered great losses and unemployment. In saving these companies, he did the right thing.

When [the] companies got the money, workers were determined to do the right thing—to prove Congress wrong, to build the best cars they can. They care about the American people. Working on an assembly line is really hard, but that doesn’t change their desire to do good job.

The future’s looking great, it really is. The quality of the cars is right up there with the best of them again.

We’re in great shape to improve—we’re in great shape to grow.

I remember a time when these companies were huge—they were growing by leaps and bounds. And now the car industry is fighting back.

Have you got a story to share about the impact the auto industry has had on you or your community? Let us know.

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