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"We're doing better with his plan than we were before"

"When I was 18 years old, there was a local election," 57-year-old Constance remembers. "I didn’t think there was any reason for me to vote because I didn’t know much about candidates. My 85-year-old grandmother read me the riot act. She said she wouldn’t miss any opportunity to vote. It was then that I realized how important it is to support and vote for the candidates who are doing their best to make this country better."

In addition to her vote, Constance is pitching in what she can to support the campaign.

"I think President Obama should be re-elected. I like that he is calm, intelligent and thoughtful when he makes decisions. We’re doing better with his plan than we were before.

"Four years ago, I was quite convinced I would lose my job. Without that, I couldn’t support my house or family. Even though I have the same pressures I had four years ago, they seem to be slowing down a bit. I don’t feel like it’s imminent now, and I don’t feel as panic-stricken as I did before. I feel a bit better off.

"This is a really important election and we can’t move backwards. President Obama is the person to move us forward."

3.1 million people like Constance are investing in the next four years. Join them.

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