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This week, the Washington University College Democrats invited Carl Walz, Regional Field Director for OFA-Missouri, to speak about the 2012 campaign and its implications for young people. Carl pointed out the President’s continuing efforts on behalf of young Americans, focusing on the issues they face once they graduate.. For example, with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, they are guaranteed health care coverage under their parents’ policy until they are 26. The President’s continued commitment is evidenced by today’s announcement the Obama Administration is moving forward with a new "Pay As You Earn" proposal that will reduce monthly payments for more than one and a half million current college students and borrowers. This means that after college recent graduates won’t be burdened with huge loan payments as they begin their professional careers. It is efforts like these by President Obama that are bringing students at Wash U out by the hundreds to register to vote for the first time.

During the 2008 election, President Obama lost Missouri by only 4,000 votes. That’s just over half of the undergraduate body. Closing the margin this time around is completely achievable, but we’ll need Wash U to do it!

Let your voice be heard. Register to vote!

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