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I first came in the week before Halloween. Granted I’d wanted to volunteer with the Obama campaign for some time, but I had no idea how to get involved. That is, until I stumbled upon a blog post, written by a fellow volunteer at the Los Angeles headquarters. She said it was important for volunteers to stop by; there was always work to be done.

So I stopped by, walked in and said, “I’m ready to volunteer full-time.” My job as a Project Coordinator for a local production company allows me the flexibility of working in off-hours, and we’re slowing down over the holidays. So I switched my schedule around, and I’ve been volunteering in the Obama campaign office since October.

In the office I have assisted on plenty of projects. I’ve worked on signs with reelection slogans like “We Can’t Wait”. I’ve recruited volunteers for our weekend voter registrations in Las Vegas, and coordinated with Nevadans to help house them. I’ve done administrative work, helping out California’s Press Secretary, Mary. And I’ve met a lot of amazing people, all committed to one goal: re-electing President Obama.

As a recent college graduate, I support President Obama because more than anything he’s helped me and others in my demographic. His administration passed the Affordable Care Act, providing coverage on parental plans until age 26. Student Loan reform, helping people my age get through college. Promised to withdrawal troops from Iraq and repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And he’s fighting to get our economy back on track and create more jobs.

But why volunteer? The election’s about a year away and there isn’t even a Republican opponent yet. Yet that doesn’t mean we should sit idly. There are calls to be made, volunteers to be found. We’re out to rally supporters for President Obama’s re-election.

My volunteering experience started simply after reading a blog post. It said I should come in, and I did and the rest is history. Now I’m writing a blog post, asking that another Angeleno come in and volunteer, even if it’s just to make phone calls or help make signs. We’re all out for the same goal, so please come volunteer with Obama for America.

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