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"We’re all in this together" - George, UNH student

George Jump, UNH Athelete

George, a senior at the University of New Hampshire and member of the track and field team has committed to vote. He's supporting the President this fall and wants you all to know why:

“I support the President because he has made education a top priority. During his last four years, I’ve spent my time making sure I get to college. Now that I’m here I need to make sure I can continue afford it. Mitt Romney thinks that everyone can just borrow the the money they need from their parents. But I have more than $20,000 a year in in-state tuition to pay, so Romney’s plan just doesn’t cut it. College is getting more expensive every year, and we need a President who will continue to fight for us. So far, the President has reduced student loan rates and doubled Pell Grants—and I think those are all excellent ideas.”

“I’m originally from Jamaica and just became a citizen of the United States in 2010, so this coming election I will vote for the first time. We’re all in this together. We all have issues we want to resolve and voting is the way to take care of these problems for us, because if we do, we have the power to change the country."

Committing to vote is the first step to making sure we win in November. Election Day is just 48 days away. If you’re going to be voting this fall then just commit right now. It’s free, easy, and takes only a minute.


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