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Welcome to the Nevada Summer Organizers

This past weekend here in Nevada, we trained a new generation of enthusiastic and bright summer organizers on the principles, strategies and tactics of effective grassroots organizing. The 9 week program will help keep the Silver State blue in 2012.

Summer Organizer class & OFA staff

Saturday and Sunday were filled with informative training sessions and interactive team building activities. The diverse group, of students, veterans, and paralegals, who believe in the power of community organizing, ranged from local Nevadans to fellow supporters from neighboring states, all with the common link of wanting to organize the community in support of President Obama. Our Community Organizers including Dwayne M., Loretta H., and Chris W., and staff taught the group about relationship building, how to conduct one-on-one meetings, President Obama's accomplishments, the importance of data entry, and how to plan and execute events.

Join our new summer organizers any day this week for a phonebank from 5-9PM in our office.

Welcome to the new class of Summer Organizers!

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