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Welcome To OFA ND's New Home


We've had a busy few weeks at OFA North Dakota. On Saturday, October 22 we opened our first North Dakota office of the campaign. 720 Main Ave in Fargo will be our new home through Election Day 2012. It's a fantastic space, which we opened in style. OFA North Dakota State Director Tim Edland, Democratic-NPL Chairman Greg Hodur and nearly 100 attendees were on hand to celebrate our opening and commit to supporting the campaign. Thanks to all who attended. If you haven't seen our space, we're eager to welcome you in person!

On Sunday, October 27 we welcomed volunteer leaders and OFA Core Team Members from across the state to the new space. Our Neighborhood Team Convention celebrated the commitment and hard work of our volunteers in North Dakota while providing additional training and planning to take back to their own communities. It was a fantastic event! if you're interested in learning more about becoming an OFA ND Neighborhood team leader, Core Team Member or just learn more about the campaign, we're eager to show you "Respect, Include, Empower, Win" is more than just a slogan, but the key to our organization's success.

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