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Weekend of Action in Santa Monica


Obama for America- California volunteers are working hard in the field for the President. Recently there was a Weekend of Action and volunteers across the state called voters in Nevada in an effort to recruit volunteers and call supporters of the President to get them to commit to Caucus on January 21st.

The Santa Monica and West LA Teams co-hosted a Caucus recruitment phone bank last Sunday and the event was a huge success! We had a wide range of volunteers come out to our event – everyone from new volunteers who have never been involved in a campaign before, to old political pros who have been helping out on campaigns for decades. Perhaps most importantly, the event attracted a number of volunteers who had been active in 2008 but hadn’t yet committed to helping out in 2012.

This isn’t the first time that the Westside teams have unified to generate support for the President in 2012. On November 6th, one year before the election, the teams held a joint phone bank that attracted more than 20 volunteers and made more than 600 calls to our neighbors in Nevada. For our most recent event we had volunteers that were so dedicated and well trained that we were able to surpass our call goal from the previous event with one hour to spare! We had some volunteers put their noses to the grindstone and make more than 100 calls!

Without a doubt the best thing about our phone bank this time around is that our volunteers understand the importance of 270 and working hard in battleground states for the President. Everyone checked their attitudes at the door, got trained, and got right to work. This commitment to hard work is what makes California volunteers the best in the nation and is just one more reason why we are going to win it for President Barack Obama in 2012!

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