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We support Obamacare for our son

Our son was born with Spina Bifida 45 years ago. When he was in his 20s, he was diagnosed with leukemia. We know firsthand the tremendous expenses parents face with the birth of a child with health problems.

We were fortunate enough to have health insurance through an employer that covered the cost of 40 surgeries, a bone marrow transplant to cure the leukemia, wheelchairs, leg braces, many doctor's visits, therapy sessions and more. He now qualifies for Medicare which is life-saving for him, since he was uninsurable under previous laws due to his pre-existing conditions. However, not every family is in our situation.

It is painful to think about families without adequate insurance who have children with disabilities. This is why we support the Affordable Care Act—because it will allow those with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance. Those who oppose the law need to step into the shoes of these families.

It is important to let everyone know—family, friends, community members, local and state leaders, Congress—that Obamacare is helping real Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions and disabilities. Using OFA's Story Tool, we shared our support, and encourage you to do the same. People need to know.

Whether Obamacare directly affects your family or someone in your community, share your story with the OFA community.

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