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"We Stood by the American Auto Industry"

Meeting with auto workers at a Chrysler plant in Toldeo, Ohio, this afternoon, the President thanked them for all they've done to turn their company around. It's been a month of good news for Chrysler and the other major auto manufacturers—both Chrylser and GM recently reported they are making a profit.

President Obama spoke to workers gathered on the factory floor of the Wrangler Paint Facility during a shift change:

I want everybody to understand, our task hasn’t just been to recover from the recession. Our task has been to rebuild the future on a stronger foundation than we had before to make sure that you can see your incomes and your savings rise again. And you can retire with security and respect again. And you can open doors of opportunity for your kids again. And we can live out the American Dream again.That's what we’re fighting for. That's what we’re fighting for.

So that’s what drives me every day as I step into the Oval Office. That’s why we stood by the American auto industry. It was about you—your families, your jobs, your lives, your dreams—making sure that we were doing everything possible to keep them within reach.

So we decided to do more than just rescue the industry from crisis. We decided to retool it for a new age. We said that if everyone involved was willing to take the tough steps and make the painful sacrifices that were needed to become competitive, then we’d invest in your future and the future of communities like Toledo; that we’d have your back.

So I placed my bet on you. I put my faith in the American worker. And I’ll tell you what—I’m going to do that every day of the week, because what you’ve done vindicates my faith.

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