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“We should be going up”

Next week the Senate will hold a vote on the American Jobs Act, President Obama’s plan to create jobs now and help middle-class families like Renae’s.

A technical resource coordinator in Georgia, for the past few years Renae’s life has mirrored the economy:

“Whatever was going in the economy was going on in my life,” Renae explains. “Our mortgage payments were too high; we were paying more than our house was worth. My husband lost his job and is still looking for work. At one point every part of my family had someone who was unemployed—my husband, my two sisters-in-law, my cousin’s husband—it was hard.”

Renae hopes that the President’s jobs plan won’t just help her husband find work, but help her community too.

“In our circle of friends, there are three other men who are unemployed. The President’s plan makes me hopeful for them, for our community. We shouldn’t be going down, we should be going up.

“If we can just get companies hiring it will mean so much. It’ll mean we can start to do things again—like fixing up our houses, doing some painting, completing maintenance—which we’re just not able to afford right now. It’ll mean we can start contributing to the local economy again.”

Renae’s message to the Republicans in Congress who are refusing to support the President’s jobs plan is simple:

“I do my job, I expect you to do yours.

“We’ve got a chance here. We’ve got to give people a chance to get back on their feet. We may never get back to where we were, but we can be better than we are.”

Join Renae and thousands of people like her in calling on Congress to support America’s middle class and pass the American Jobs Act.

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