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"We need to finish the work we started"

Larry, a small business owner, was an early supporter of President Obama in the last election, and after four years he’s ready to do it all again.

“President Obama is still characterized by his openness and honesty. His feet are on the ground,” Larry explains. “He’s not about the money—he’s about the grassroots. He knows that the education of our young generation is beyond important, and he’s acted accordingly. And in his efforts to level the playing field for everyone, he really gets it.”

In his own community in Las Vegas, Larry has seen improvements over the last three years:

“I’ve seen new green manufacturing initiatives sprout up everywhere thanks to new tax incentives from the stimulus, and it’s creating jobs and bringing more business here. That’s been really good for Nevada, since the recession really hit us hard.”

Making the decision to pitch in and help the campaign was easy for Larry:

“We need to finish the work we started. And it won’t be easy. So we need everyone to give what they can and finish what we started. All the American people are heroes after getting through this crisis. After getting through this whole disaster, we have to come out now and support the guy who fought for us the whole time. We shouldn’t forget who was there for us.”

—Larry, Nevada

2.2 million people have donated to this campaign—will you be one of them?


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