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“We have a job ahead of us”

As the audience filed out of Cuyahoga Community College today, folks stopped to share their reactions to President Obama’s plan to move our country forward.

Chris, a local field organizer in Parma, Ohio, talked about how motivated he and his team are for the months ahead:

"I’m feeling very excited to see all these people in Cuyahoga County pumped up. I know it was a policy speech, but it really felt like a rally. It’s hard to imagine not taking home victory in November after seeing what we saw here today. President Obama even said if you believe in what the other side’s selling, then go ahead and vote that way—but we know what we’re all about here. We’re going to get out there this weekend and hit the streets, and hit the phones.”

Mary Jane appreciated the President’s straight talk about the need for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to work together.

”I think he’s pretty much on target. There are a lot of blue-collar people in Ohio, middle-class people who’ve lost jobs, and he said what everybody here needs to hear, and wants to hear. He said we’re all Americans, and that we need to come together. The partisanship has really turned people off—we can’t just work in a vacuum and think there’s just one way to do it.”

Cleveland native Lois shared what the President’s work to revive Ohio’s economy has meant to her personally:

"I just relocated back to Cleveland. This speech was great—I enjoyed every bit of it. I know he’s going to make good on what he said. I wasn’t working until just recently—I had been out of work a couple of years, and I have family members that have been out of work, too. His job creation plans have really helped me get employment. I’ll be starting work Monday with the county. I’m really motivated now, and I know we have a job ahead of us."

What did you think of President Obama’s message on the economy? Let us know how the President’s plan could impact your own life.

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