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"We feel closer to becoming equal citizens."

Today kicks off Pride Month, and there’s a lot for LGBT Americans to celebrate after President Obama’s historic support for marriage equality – and continued commitment to ending discrimination in the military and the workplace. Here’s why a few Michiganders are pitching in to volunteer at Pride festivals over the course of the next few weeks.

Jeff D., Bingham Farms

We are so grateful to have a President that understands that basic civil rights are for everyone. My partner of 25 years and I feel closer to becoming equal citizens in the United States.

Annette A., Rochester

It should be the right of every American to commit themselves to whomever they choose. President Obama has proved this time and time again when it comes to taking a stand on marriage equality and ending discrimination in our armed forces.

Carol, Jackson

I’m making a commitment to volunteering for the President in my community through Election Day because I know that my daughter and her partner have an advocate for their right to live a more happy and prosperous life.

Join Michigan volunteers and LGBT advocate Wade Davis at Motor City Pride this weekend, or find an event near you.

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