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We Decide: Nevadans share why they’re voting early

  • Sam M.
  • Rick B.
  • Patrick and Julia R.
  • Cynthia V.

Starting today, Nevada voters will be going to the polls and voting early. From first-time voters to voters who have never missed an election in decades, Nevadans are excited to cast their ballots for President Obama. Here’s what a few of them had to say about why they’re voting early this year.

“I’m voting because I really need education reform. I want to go to college after I get my high school diploma, and I don’t want tuition and loan rates to go up. It’ll be my first time voting and I’m really excited.”
—Cynthia V., Las Vegas

“We’re planning on voting this coming Wednesday. We’re off that day and there’s a place close to our home. We’ve already got a plan, got our voter’s books ready, researched all the candidates. Why do we support the President? Why not? We agree with him on all the issues—Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, health care reform, building up the middle class.”
—Patrick and Julia R., Las Vegas

“I’m an Independent and I’ve never volunteered for any candidate but Barack Obama. I look at one thing in a person: character. That’s the most important thing to me. And in my opinion, President Obama has incredible character. I can tell that he’s very intelligent and wise, that he’s a good leader. I feel like when he goes to Washington, he represents me and all the American people. I’m voting on the first day, today. It’s a way to show my support. My vote counts, and I don’t want to wait for November 6th.”
—Rick B., Pahrump

“President Obama has done what he said he was going to do, so he deserves another four years. I’m voting early because I want to make sure my vote is counted, and I want to make sure the President knows he has the support to get in there and change things the way we need him to.”
—Sam M., Las Vegas

Nevada’s not the only state voting today. If you’re fired up and ready to vote too, find out when voting begins in your state.

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