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"We can't leave one sister behind."

This past Sunday, Senator Debbie Stabenow, actress Tatyana Ali and Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown joined over 200 women in a packed Southfield ballroom to talk about how President Obama has championed women’s causes and remind everyone what’s at stake on November 6th.

Keynote speaker Senator Stabenow didn’t hesitate to kick the conversation off in a big way.

“I'm fighting fights I never thought I would have to fight again. Reproductive rights. Preventive care. Equal pay. This election is about choices in the starkest way. We have to engage like we never have before. Don't let 17 multimillionaires buy this election.”

Actress Tatyana Ali talked about the impact that volunteering has had on her friends, family and community.

“We become empowered by empowering others. We can't leave one sister behind. Jump in. You’ll be doing it for your community, but the impact it has on you is empowering. You’ll never be afraid to speak your mind ever again.”

Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown shared her own experience of being silenced on the House floor for speaking out against Republican attacks on reproductive rights and reminded the audience of the power of their presence at the polls.

“Women are 51% of the population and we can stand up to make sure President Barack Obama is re-elected.”

Michigan women can’t go back to the harmful policies of the past. There’s no better investment you can make in your future than volunteering for President Obama.

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