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"We Assert Our Rights Here"

Here in Maine, we’ve got a great culture of voting. We have consistently high voter participation, so we’re pretty confident we can get people to the polls tomorrow. We assert our rights here—and we are very stubborn!

We’ve got a lot at stake in tomorrow’s election. For almost 40 years, voters in Maine had the ability to register and vote on the same day—but that changed recently, and a lot of people don’t realize it. The state legislature passed a law eliminating same-day registration, but a ballot measure up for a vote tomorrow could restore our right to register on Election Day.

So now we’re reaching out to voters to make sure they know tomorrow is Election Day, that the registration process has changed, and that they have a chance to vote on the new rules on tomorrow’s ballot. We’re making sure everyone has reliable information and that they know where their polls are.

We just want to make sure that someone who’s busy and someone who’s working hard still has a voice on Election Day.

We’re going to be making calls and canvassing right up until the polls close at 8:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, and we could use all the help we can get. If you’re in Maine, find an Election Day event near you.

You could make all the difference—and time is running out. Get started now, and help get out the vote here in Maine tomorrow.

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