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'We are the 47%'

‘We are the 47%’

CA #ForAll

It’s been almost two weeks since the videos first emerged of Mitt Romney disparaging half of the country at a private fundraiser in Florida. On our 2012 Stories page supporters from all over California are speaking out about how those words made them feel.

“WE ARE THE 47%. We don't receive government aid now but needed it during the birth of both of our children along with some WIC assistance thereafter. It served a clear and necessary purpose. We will never be millionaires despite our educations, but we have always paid and will always pay our taxes, care about our lives and our country and take personal responsibility for ourselves and our family.” -Damaris H., Claremont, CA

“I am in the 47%, but I am not a victim and not a loser. I am a proud supporter of Obama.” -Stephen L., Antioch, CA

“I take personal responsibility for my life. That doesn't mean I shouldn't accept assistance from my friends, family, or government.” -Roxana O., San Francisco, CA

“I was raised by my blind grandmother and we survived on AFDC (Welfare). I went to UC Berkeley 25 years ago on scholarships and grants. I received a degree in Physics and am now a successful District Manager. I am part of the 47% that Romney doesn't represent.” -Jim L, Antioch, CA

“My parents never contributed to my education, so I funded the entire thing with loans. My mother has lived in section 8 housing her entire life. My father is a Vietnam Vet with a 9th grade education. They taught me to work hard, to never see myself as a victim, and to always hold my head high in the company of people who are educated and ambitious.” -Nandi C., Chico, CA

“It is disgusting to hear Romney and all Republicans denounce us with disabilities who are in his 47% that he does not care about. I worked in high paying jobs most of my life until I no longer could do it so I EARNED MY SOCIAL SECURITY through the money taken out of EVERY check I earned. No one knows how life may create difficulties so it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to be written off.” -Camellia S., Banning, CA

“My income isn't great enough for me to pay federal income tax, but I still pay my payroll taxes, sales tax, fuel tax, as well as other forms of consumption tax; which, ironically, makes me pay a higher effective rate on my total income than Gov. Romney. I'm not on welfare, I'm not on food stamps, and I am the 47%.” -Sean M., Huntington Beach, CA

The president represents 100% of the people in America. That is what Barack Obama has done over the last four years and it’s what he will continue to do for the next four.

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