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We are committed

Last weekend a new group of organizers joined our grassroots campaign as Spring Fellows. They learned the ins and outs of organizing and are now ready to hit the phones and start building new neighborhood teams.

At the end of the two-day training, all the fellows and trainers came together to participate in a “commitment circle”, a campaign tradition. Here are just a couple of the over 100 commitments that were made on Sunday.

“I am going to focus even when I’m tired and keep working to make a difference to get Obama re-elected, so he can help others.” -Lisa

“Get a thriving Organizing for America team in Bakersfield.” -Tyler

“Create a team that will spawn 3 more successful teams.” -Saskia

“I am committed to inspire all those I come in contact with to get involved, to have a voice, and generate enthusiasm within my community.” -Jack

“To not let being shy stand in my way.” -Nick

“I’m committed to giving everyone what they need to be fearless organizers and show what ‘CA’ really stands for: Crushing it, All the time.” – R.J.

“Do everything in my power to re-elect President Obama” -Steven


Have you made your commitment to volunteer for President Barack Obama yet? Sign up to volunteer and maybe you’ll be a part of the next commitment circle.

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