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We all have something to give

Alexie is a student at the University of Memphis studying business and information systems with an emphasis in programming and coding. Born to a Nigerian father and an American mother, Alexie lived in Houston, Texas until age 6, when his family moved to Memphis. He describes himself as “energetic” and a person who cannot deny his passion for the values in which he believes.

Though he is fully aware of both aspects of the business side of health care, as a consumer, he knows that he could incur the costs of asthma pills and an inhaler to the uninsured cost of $400. Fortunately, he is a part-time employee of FedEx, where his insurance covers his medicine at a cost of $80. By the time he graduates from the University of Memphis and starts full-time employment in his field, the Affordable Health Care Act will be in effect and his asthma will not be a pre-existing condition. This is why Alexie supports President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and he’s “IN”.

Alexie will be joining the team as a digital organizing volunteer. This campaign is being built by grassroots organizers and supporters like you. You may not be interested in phone banks or canvassing but there are various ways for you to get involved. Maybe you’re able to share a location, host a meeting, take pictures, provide snacks or edit stories. Whatever your interest, there’s a spot just for you. Join a team and get started in your neighborhood today.

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