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Watching the Republican convention

Romney economics wrong for the middle class

The Republican National Convention gets underway for real today. Over the next three days, Republican lawmakers and party leaders from across the country will rally around the Romney-Ryan ticket in an effort to redefine Mitt Romney for the American public.

The convention will start with a look at Mitt Romney's record in business. It's likely to leave out a number of key details:

Republican governor Chris Christie will headline tonight. Like Romney, he's led an economic "rebound" that has seen his state fall to 47th out of 50 in economic growth.

Republicans will also vote on a party platform that includes a plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program and calls for outlawing abortion, even in the case of rape.

The next three days are likely to be as stark an illustration as you’ll see of the differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the parties they lead and the vision they have for our country.

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For the next three days, we'll be compiling all the highlights (or lowlights) and recaps from Tampa at—check it out and stay turned for more.

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