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Watching the Republican convention: Day two

Chris Christie and Mitt Romney

The second day of the Republican National Convention featured the first day of speeches, but anyone who tuned in looking for solutions for middle-class Americans saw ideology and misinformation instead. Here’s a recap of the action:

  • The Republican Party voted to approve its official platform, which includes turning Medicare into a voucher program, outlawing all abortions with no exception for victims of rape and incest, a harsh treatment of immigrants, banning marriage equality, rejecting civil unions, and killing Obamacare.

  • Republicans based almost the entire first night of their convention on a false, out-of-context attack.

  • Rick Santorum repeated Mitt Romney’s false claims about welfare reform, promptly earning him his own rating of “pants-on-fire” from Politifact.

  • Governor Chris Christie closed out the night by talking about his own record in New Jersey. Like Romney before him, that record includes raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax breaks for millionaires, and finishing near the bottom in economic growth.

Tonight, Romney's running mate Paul Ryan takes center stage.

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