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Watching the Republican convention: Day three

Paul Ryan closed out day three of the Republican convention with a speech full of attacks and blame—and not one tangible idea to move the country forward. But his speech has gained the most attention for just how far and how often he distorted the truth about the President, his own record, and Mitt Romney.

A few of his biggest lies:

On his district: He blamed President Obama for an auto plant that closed in his district—but the truth is the plant had shut down in 2008, when George W. Bush was president.

On Medicare: Ryan said that he and Romney would save Medicare for future generations. Their plan would actually replace Medicare as we know it with a voucher system—raising costs for seniors.

On the deficit: Ryan said, “President Obama has added more debt than any other president before him.” False.

On the middle class: Ryan called for “the strong to protect the weak.” But the Romney-Ryan plan would ask for nothing from the wealthiest Americans—instead their plan would raise taxes on middle-class families, and strip key programs like Pell Grants and Medicare, just to provide more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

Tonight is the final night of the convention, where Mitt Romney will accept the Republican presidential nomination. It will be his turn to tell the truth about his own record, and his plan for the country.

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