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Coming together to fight for gun violence prevention

Americans are standing up to powerful special interests and taking the fight to the state level to prevent gun violence. By working together, OFA volunteers were able to make thousands of calls and get pledges from Washingtonians to vote “yes” on Initiative 594, which would expand background checks and close dangerous loopholes in gun sales.

Bellevue, Washington—Local volunteers in Washington state kept the conversation going in person and on the phone, generating hundreds of calls.

Sacramento, California—Volunteers say that 93% of people they spoke with said they would vote #YesOn594.

New York, New York—A whopping 1,112 calls were made to Washington state residents from a phone bank in Manhattan.

See more tweets and photos in the slideshow:

Keep on organizing to prevent gun violence wherever you can. Add your name today—and refuse to let special interests stand in the way of common-sense proposals to keep our communities safe.

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