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Want a free trip?

This is your invitation to come celebrate with us at headquarters in Chicago.

On President Obama's birthday this year, OFA is hosting an open house to mark the incredible success of health care reform. And we'll unveil the permanent record of the people who made it happen—more than 450,000 names of grassroots organizers who deserve their spot in history.

We're flying in two grassroots supporters and their guests—chip in before our critical June fundraising deadline to be automatically entered to win.

Your flights, your fancy hotel stay—that's all on us. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy a weekend vacation seeing the sights: the lakefront, the big ferris wheel at Navy Pier, you name it.

If you haven't been to Chicago in the summer, let me tell you: It's the absolute best.

Don't wait—get your name in the hat to be part of the celebration.
Chip in
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