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Walter: Why I give

“I’m a teacher in Celina, Ohio. I teach American history, world issues, and sociology to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I donated to President Obama because he’s made education a priority.

“He’s done right by the teachers' unions while maintaining the quality of education that allows us to move forward in the 21st century. His administration has taken an enlightened attitude towards education with its Race to the Top program, which I think has been a success. These new strategies are intended to help students who were left out in the past.

“The Recovery Act made it possible for schools around the country to keep teachers in the classroom, meaning smaller class sizes and a better education for our children. The President’s support means that we’re able to maintain a high-quality education system. What could have been a horrible situation, with the public school system bursting at the seams, President Obama has turned into a real strength that continues to improve.

“I think Mitt Romney thinks the whole problem with education is teachers who aren’t willing to teach. He really just doesn’t get it. His comment that class size has no bearing is absurd on its face.

“This election has the potential to take us in opposite directions: one towards a model directed at enriching the most wealthy and powerful in this country, and another that has the potential to make our country more powerful through a strong, hopeful middle class.

“I don’t have a lot of money, but I donated once and I’ll be donating again. I think the key to this campaign is the broad middle class understanding the importance of this election for the future of this country. If millions and millions of people donate a little, as I have, then Obama and the other Democrats running for office will have enough to fight back.”

—Walter, Ohio

Walter is one of 2.4 million people who have already donated to this campaign. Will you join them?


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