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Walter: The Call Tool is so easy!

How are seniors responding to being written off by Mitt Romney? They're getting involved. And now, it's easier than ever. Walter, a 90-year-old World War II veteran in Annapolis, uses the campaign's online Call Tool almost every day.


"In the past, I had to go over to the office here in Annapolis with a cell phone and make calls from there,” says Walter. Now, Walter makes calls without leaving his home. “It's so easy. It's fun, it really is."

Walter says he's had some very positive results with the people he's talked to using the Call Tool.

"One woman initially told me she wouldn't vote for President Obama,” Walter recalled. As his conversation with the woman continued, he said they found common ground on an issue they both cared about: veterans. The woman’s father turned out to be a veteran of World War II also.

Walter saw that they both understood the sacrifices made by those who have served so bravely for our country, and that taking care of them when they returned through programs like the GI Bill and now the Post-9/11 GI Bill signed by President Obama was the right thing to do.

“Her father and I, and so many others have earned the we benefits we got through the GI Bill when we fought in places like the jungles of Burma, and I think she understands that,” Walter said. “Governor Romney has written off seniors and veterans like me, who rely on programs like the GI Bill, Medicare and Social Security — and that’s just wrong.”

On her vote for president, Walter said, “Maybe I got her thinking a bit.”

The online Call Tool allows folks like Walter to make a difference in this campaign from their living rooms.

"If you've got a thousand people making just 10 calls a day, you've got a lot of calls! And I think there are a thousand or more like me out there, because Dashboard is so easy!"

Check out the Maryland Call Team on Dashboard and start winning votes for President Obama from your own home. Every vote counts in this election, and it's up to people like you and Walter to make sure those votes are for President Obama.

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