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In Vermont, "everything counts."

Earlier this month, supporters of President Obama in Vermont joined together with volunteers across the country for a GottaVote weekend of action. In the Green Mountain State, that meant recruiting canvassers to talk with voters in the nearby battleground state of New Hampshire.

The Obama campaign’s Vermont state director, Dan Mulligan, spoke about what the weekend meant to volunteers:

"They’re fired up. This is a grassroots campaign, and knowing that helps folks take such a powerful level of ownership in this campaign. They have a real sense that folks can influence this election and this country."

Dotty who’s taken three canvassing trips to New Hampshire, believes that everyone should volunteer:

"It’s a great way to meet new people, to make friends. We keep growing, and learning, and finding it is absolutely fascinating to knock on doors. And the best part is, there’s plenty of room for everyone. You can work fifteen hours a week or just sign up for a two-hour phone bank. Everything counts.”

Canvassing events are taking place across the country to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in November. Will you join Dotty and other supporters in Vermont by signing up to volunteer today?


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