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"Voting is a huge part of our rights in a democratic society"

May V

May V. is passionate about human rights.

A native of Thailand and now a Minnesotan, getting involved with President Obama’s campaign helped May realize that voting is about more than just politics. “It’s a huge part of our fundamental rights in a democratic society.”

May become an organizing fellow in the fall of 2011 and is still involved today.

Last week, she joined several other volunteers in St. Paul, at the 32nd Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration and Sports Festival.

It’s good that May was there. “I’m fluent in Hmong, and I have a lot of tabling experience too. We worked hard to execute some of the organizing strategies I learned last fall, and ended up registering dozens of new voters!”

“Too many new citizens don’t yet understand how truly powerful a group of individuals can be working together, that’s why I’m so passionate about getting more people registered to vote.”

Learn more about registering to vote, and let you friends know how easy it is.

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