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Voter voices: "We really do matter to President Obama"

"I want to express how proud I am to have voted for President Obama and Vice President Biden, as well as all of the other Democrats on the ticket today in North Carolina. My wife will be doing the same tomorrow after she gets out of work.

"We have struggled more than most, and I'm sure less than others these past years. We both were working hard towards our American Dream of having a family and home when I injured my lower back so severely that I had to undergo four surgeries. This is definitely not what we had planned, but that is life.

"We have accrued nearly $10,000 in credit card debt just to pay for medical, dental, car, and home repairs, as well as school supplies for our son. We fear what would happen should Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get elected. We feel quite certain that Romney would cut the tax credits that we get due to our low income, child, and our mortgage. We count on this as part of our tax return to help us dig our way out of so much debt.

"We realize that we do truly matter to President Obama, and that he does really care about us. That gives us hope that he will help lead us to a better future.

"Please keep fighting the fight."

—William, North Carolina

Join William and supporters across this country by casting your ballot. Find out when and where you can vote.

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