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Voter Registration Spotlight: Outreach to the LGBT Community in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids- Organizers met in East Town for their annual LGBT bash where members of the community came out and celebrated their pride. The event brought in lots of supporters through I’m IN cards, and many people were excited about the prospect of volunteering for Obama 2012.

Organizer and volunteer meeting!

Volunteers of all ages, came out to create a presence for the President’s campaign and to answer questions about his accomplishments for the LGBT community. Some of these include: the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, declaring DOMA unconstitutional and personally recording his own “It gets better” video.

We're IN...Are you?

Some at the event were fresh faces to the campaign and were welcomed with smiles and lots of gratitude from the summer organizers. One new volunteer, Charlotte, is a high school student who wanted to support the President but wasn’t sure how. After an hour or so of registering voters she said:

Charlotte collecting an I'M IN card

“It’s truly fulfilling to be apart of this process. Even though I could only contribute a little bit, I still feel great and don’t want this to be the last time I volunteer with [with the campaign]. Sign me up!”

President Obama’s progress has inspired so many people to get involved because we can’t change America overnight; a second term is essential to our country’s economic and social incline. But the President has a job to do and needs your help. Your time is our most valuable asset to this campaign; find upcoming events by clicking here. Or connect with your Michigan team online on Facebook and Twitter.

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