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Voter Registration 2011: Lansing Is the Epicenter Of Empowering New Voters

Lansing- All summer long summer organizers, grassroots leaders, and supporters of Obama 2012 have taken to the communities in Greater Lansing to bring new voices into the process. They have proved themselves more than equal to the task of registering voters. From bus stations, to college campuses, to local festivals, they have tried it all.


A perfect example was Common Ground music festival AT Adado Riverfront Park. For an entire week the Summer Organizers and their volunteers listened to music and brought over 70 new voices into the process. They also made sure to ask everyone they encountered to be IN for Obama 2012.


“We had great volunteers come out and give everything they had, all the attendees were asked to register to vote and to sign a ’I’m IN‘ Card at least once. It was inspiring to see the separation of the children from the parents when he or she would register to vote and the parents would be against it,” said Chad G.

Summer Organizer Caitlin O., who works part-time at Chili’s, registered voters on her way to work. Chad manned tables at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College all summer long to register and re-register students that have moved since the last time they voted. Summer Organizer Kevin K. registered voters at the CATA station downtown. All of them fully believe the voters they have empowered will be part of the margin of victory in 2012.

Love to register voters? Live in Lansing? Want to start up a drive in your area? Click here to get involved and click here to find the voter registration event near you!

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