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Voter Registration 2011- Kalamazoo Event Provides Perfect Backdrop

Spring Valley Park, Kalamazoo- We teamed up with the Kalamazoo Democrats over the weekend to be part of the Third Annual Mothers of Hope Ultimate Family Reunion. The Reunion started several years ago as an alternative to a white supremacist rally that took place in the park. It has grown to become a one-stop community event for food, recreation, and free services designed to improve public health, and now voter registration and empowerment.


Richard A. of Portage registered to vote for the first time after being approached by many different organizations in the past. His father, standing next to him, smiled proudly as he signed up to be IN for Obama 2012.


Vivienne G. recently moved from New Bedford, MA to Kalamazoo so pursue a residency program. She hadn’t registered in Michigan in the year she has been living in the state. I was happy we got her registered today.

“I moved two months ago, does that mean I should register again?” asked Janet J. of Kalamazoo. Yes! If you have moved since the last time you voted, even if you moved within the same city, it is important to update your registration so you can vote closer to where you currently live.


The festival was also an opportunity to engage supporters of President Obama and ask them to be IN for Obama 2012.

“I’m already registered to vote by I’ll definitely sign up to support the President. He helped me with my student loans and that’s going make a big difference when I graduate” said Kalamazoo resident Brenda S. As part of Health Insurance Reform, President Obama signed into law student loan reform that:

• Eliminates wasteful subsidies to private bankers

• Lowers monthly payments on federal student loans

• Shortens the debt forgiveness timeline

• Increases the maximum annual Pell Grant Scholarships

Expanding the electorate and empowering voters with the accomplishments of President Obama is a core part of our mission in Kalamazoo and across the state. Want in on the action? Click here to get involved or find an event in your community!

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