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Voter Registration 2011: Empowering New Voters in Flint at Atwood Stadium

Flint- Historic Atwood Stadium was has been the home of legendary high school athletes for over 80 years. Recently the stadium hosted its first boxing match in over 50 years. The main event featured Flint’s hero Anthony Dirrell fighting in his hometown. It kicked off the holiday weekend and drew thousands of people from across the region.

Flint Voter Reg 1

Obama 2012 was at the match with volunteers armed with clipboards, voter registration forms and a determination to empower new voters. Like the boxers, our volunteers were fighting. Instead of throwing fists, we battled misinformation, apathy, and the 90 degree heat. The most promising place to talk to voters, unsurprisingly, was under the row of trees along the east side of the stadium!

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how easy and also how powerful it is to register to vote. Some people don’t believe that their single vote matters, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Just in 2010, right here in Michigan, there was a state house election and a congressional primary that were decided by less than 50 votes. Registering to vote also pays respect to the countless men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and democracy.

At the end of the night Flint boxing fans won because Dirrell knocked out his opponent, and more importantly everyone who registered to vote became the true champions of the night. To find events in your area to register voters and make a difference in your community click here.

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