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Voter Registration 2011: Empowering New Voices at the Corner of Plymouth and Wyoming in Detroit

Detroit- On a beautiful Saturday, a dozen grassroots leaders gathered at a local gas station at Plymouth and Wyoming in Detroit with a purpose. They were all brought to gether by the opportunity to bring new voices into the electoral process.


They set up home base at the “Obama Gas Station” around noon, and for the next six hours, volunteers hit the surrounding neighborhoods to register voters.

“It was good for us to be here. It shows that we’re in the community. It shows that we’re coming to where the people are” commented Summer Organizer Nana. “A lot of people thanked us for being here. We told them this isn’t the last time we’ll be here.”


Nana’s event was part of a National Day of Action to increase voter registration. It was one of dozens of events across the state of Michigan and one of over a thousand events throughout forty states.


“I just moved two weeks ago. It’s good to know I can re-register so easily” said Phillip G. as he waited for his bus. A big part of our effort was to let people know that if they have moved since they the last election, then they need to re-register.


It’s the first time we’ve been to the “Obama Gas Station” on Plymouth and Wyoming but it won’t be the last

. Live near Plymouth and Wyoming and want to empower new voters in your neighborhood? Want to register voters regardless of where you live? Click here to find an event near you or drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know your ideas for organizing your neighborhood.

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