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Volunteers Show Their Pride at Pride Fest

This weekend, volunteers staffed tables at Pride Fest in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to empower attendees by registering them to vote. Pride Fest is a yearly event that celebrates the culture of the LGBT community, and this year members of the LGBT community -- and allies -- came out in full force and kept volunteers busy.

In Baton Rouge volunteers at times were overwhelmed by the response of Pride participants.

It was just me and Ms. Harriet, and we had no idea what kind of response we would get. But, as things in Baton Rouge Pride picked up, we had people left and right who were coming to our table. I'm so glad that we brought extra clipboards because at one point we were going to run out of spaces for people to write on.

-Robin, a team leader

New Orleans’ Pride Fest attendees were out in full force this weekend as well and many came to express their support for the campaign:

I always have a great time at Pride, but this year is an especially great year to be out because it’s a great year for progress in gay rights issues, everything from President Obama’s signing into law of the Hate Crimes [Prevention] Act to the signing of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I’m gay, I’m out, and I’m “In” to support this 2012 campaign.

- Rose C., a New Orleans resident

Rose acknowledges and recognizes the recent progress, but knows that more needs to be done to ensure that LGBT people like her can attain equality. “More [progress] can be achieved and we’re all in this together, so not only am I ‘In,’ I am going to volunteer for the campaign.”

In all, Pride Fest weekend was a great opportunity to educate and reach out to this valuable community. As summer organizer and straight ally Jac put it, “The event was a beautiful celebration of Americans being exactly who they are- just the way it should be.”

Come as you are. Volunteer with the campaign today.

Check out other photos from Pride Fests in Baton Rouge and New Orleans:

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