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Volunteers nationwide stand up in support of gun violence prevention

To mark the six-month anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, Americans nationwide are taking action. In at least 79 events across 26 states and Washington, D.C., people stood up to honor gun violence victims, including the 26 lives taken in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and more than 6,000 lives in the months since.

"The sign says Organizing for Action, and that's exactly what supporters of gun violence prevention measures did today," said Victoria with Channel 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Here's an overview of what some of today's events looked like:
  • In Utica, NY, the local OFA chapter brought together community members in remembrance of the Newtown victims. A local parent of a gun violence victim spoke.
  • OFA in Tucson, AZ, joined forces with a local advocacy group, Moms Demand Action, to hold a part vigil, part press conference this evening to pay tribute to gun violence victims and thank Arizona's political leaders for their support of gun violence prevention measures.
  • The Pinellas County chapter of OFA Florida will hold a candlelight "We Have Not Forgotten" vigil this evening. Attendees will honor those lost in the Newtown shooting, as well as more than 275 local gun violence victims.
  • OFA volunteers in Lansing, MI are holding a gun violence prevention event outside of local Representative Mike Roger's office to encourage him to sponsor a bill expanding background checks.
  • The local OFA chapter in Modesto, CA, is holding a rally at Representative Jeff Denham's office, opposing his position on gun legislation and showing they will not back down to ensure our communities, and our country is better protected.
It's not too late to get involved. Show your support for gun violence prevention and demand background checks for gun sales. Tweet to Congress using #NotBackingDown.

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