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Volunteers Jessica and Marguerite respond to debate


Volunteers Jessica and Marguerite knew the best way to watch the debate was here at a NH watch party. Throughout the evening, they discussed how the outcome of this election will shape the future of the country.

They agreed there was a lot of pressure on both the candidates, but especially on Romney to give the American people real answers during the first debate. Their consensus? Romney proved his disconnect from the middle class.


“Romney doesn’t understand who we are or what our struggles are. I was looking forward to hearing substance, a serious discussion. There’s no room for partisan answers tonight. They needed to talk about where the country is today and where it’s going in the next four years. And President Obama was the only candidate giving us real answers.”

“The middle class is the foundation of the American dream and we need a President who is committed to that ideal. We all have to do our part to re-elect the President. He’s fighting for the middle class and we need to help fight for him. That’s why I come to make calls and volunteer. The excitement of being part of a team brings a sense of comradere. Sharing these experiences together strengthens and builds a spirit of community."

Tonight we saw the clear contrast between where the two candidates will take the country in the next four years. We have just 34 days remaining to get out and talk to as many voters as possible. Sign up to volunteer now and show you've got the President's back.


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