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Volunteers across America: Oklahoma

Stephanie, OklahomaMy name is Stephanie Jackson. I'm an attorney and a volunteer with President Obama's grassroots campaign in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I was born and raised here in Oklahoma City. When I'm not volunteering, I run a full-service law firm. I'm a one-woman show, so that takes up a good chunk of time! When I do have free time, though, I try to participate in half-marathons. I also love crafting, baking, and spending lots of time with my friends and family.

I first got involved in the campaign this past May, when I received an email saying they needed summer fellows. I thought that sounded like fun, and since I've always been a student of politics (I was a political science major in college), I figured it was a good time to get introduced to grassroots campaigning firsthand.

Since then, I've been going several times a month to help recruit volunteers at phone banks. I was also recently appointed as the chair of the Victory Counsel for the State of Oklahoma, which means I will be helping recruit attorneys to assist in efforts to make sure everyone across the country has access to the polls. I'll also be traveling to other states to monitor polling locations to make sure no voters are being disenfranchised on Election Day.

There are so many things the President has done that I'm proud of: getting rid of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," bringing our troops home from Iraq, bringing justice to Osama bin Laden—it just goes on and on! Many Oklahomans are concerned about the safety and future welfare of our active-duty military and our veterans. Oklahomans are very patriotic, and we love our servicemembers. Knowing that I can tell people that President Obama has fully funded the Veterans Administration is something I'm proud of. However, I think I speak for millions of Americans (even those who don't realize it) when I say that passing the Affordable Care Act was the cherry on top. As a small business owner, I don't have the luxury of having my health care premiums paid for me—those costs come straight from my pocket. Once the Affordable Care Act is in full swing, I will be able to afford health care for myself, and so will millions of others.

Undoubtedly, my favorite part of organizing is the people I get to meet. When I get the chance to meet with people who share my goal of helping the President make this a better country for everyone, it's exciting. There have been many times when I've gone to volunteer after a rough day at work, only to feel uplifted and confident after leaving the campaign office. It's fun and fulfilling to know I'm doing my part.

I volunteer because I know I'm giving back to the community. I genuinely feel that getting the President re-elected is what's best for our country, and it's a way of helping those who may not be able to help themselves. Between now and November, I'll be working my bottom off to get President Obama re-elected. I'll do whatever the campaign needs me to do, including fulfilling my duties as Oklahoma Victory Counsel Chair and spreading the word to everyone I know about all the President's accomplishments.

Here's what I would say to anyone who's thinking about volunteering: Every person matters. I started volunteering to pitch in what little skills I could (I had no experience). Little did I know that the campaign had a position for someone just like me. So even if you don't think you have anything to contribute, chances are—you do. Get involved!


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