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Volunteers across America: North Dakota

Volunteers Across America - North DakotaMy name is Gerri Fairfield. I taught for 28 years, and today I'm a volunteer for President Obama's grassroots campaign in Fargo, North Dakota.

I'm a volunteer because I see what's at stake. Right now, the middle class and those trying to get into it need help—and he's ready to help—and he's ready to help, while Mitt Romney can't even understand. President Obama is the clear choice—he's for all people.

I started a Women for Obama group here in North Dakota. We meet every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and talk about what's been happening in the political world. We're planning to speak to groups in Farago about the choice we're facing in November and what we stand to lose. That's my main thing: I talk to everyone I can. I go to water aerobics, and while I'm there, I talk to people about our choices. Wherever I go, I hand out Women for Obama pins and placards. I really feel strongly about keeping President Obama in office, and I'm going to make sure everybody knows it.

What I'm finding is that people have all different levels of knowledge. While a lot of people know what's going on, they might not know things like what the Ryan budget is and what it would do—that's a big one. So I just kind of go along and ask questions, throw little things out there. I'll tell you what: I live in a more conservative area, but I'm pleasantly surprised how many people have told me they support the President.

I'm so proud of what the President has done in the last three years, and what he'll continue to do when we re-elect him. He sticks up for Medicare. He sticks up for Social Security. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act. I'm a lifetime member of the National Educators Association, and his support for teachers has meant a lot. This doesn't affect me directly, but I applaud him for what he's done for gay rights—I think that's been so positive for so many people. The immigration law, that's a good thing—he was brave enough to stand up for what was right, even if it wasn't the easiest political stance to take. More than any of those things, he just has a way of talking to people—you get the feeling that he really understands.

I know it's tough to find time to volunteer in the summer—we have such cold winters that as soon as it gets warm, we all want to head to the lake and play golf and do all the things we usually can't. But I hope that people start making time where they can so that we're ready to go this fall.

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