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Volunteers across America: New Hampshire

My name is Robert Spiegelman, and I support President Obama's campaign in New Hampshire by helping out our field staff, providing supporter housing to an organizer in the area, and making lunch for the volunteers and staff at our local office two to three times a week.

I've been involved in New Hampshire campaigns over the years—it's part of life here. We're used to having candidates who are eager to come and speak with us, and we tend to be very involved in the political process.

I jumped on board with then-Senator Obama in 2007 because he presented a chance to see a dramatic change in how the country is run and the way people work together. Since then, the President has been a great leader, particularly in terms of foreign policy. He's stayed cool and calm and taken things very seriously, moving the needle with his thoughtful responses.

To figure out how I can support the campaign, I look at what my skills are and try to figure out the best way I can help. I tend to be very resourceful—I tell people "If you need something, call me and I'll find it for you."

Bringing sanity back to government policy is really important to people in New Hampshire—we have serious problems, and we need serious people working on them. I have a question I would ask any candidate running for office: "Can you give me three examples of areas where you disagree with your opponent, and can you name one area where you've listened to your opponent and came away thinking, 'His or her strategy is better than mine, I'm going to adjust my position'?" Any candidate who can't answer that question shouldn't be running for office, because nobody has a monopoly on reasonable ideas.

Here's what I would say to anyone who hasn't gotten involved yet: You don't want to find yourself waking up on November 7th thinking, "I could have, would have, should have." The important groundwork is laid now, and waiting to get on board only sets things back. So the sooner you take action, the more you can help make sure we win in November.

Join Robert and volunteers in all 50 states by stepping up today.


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