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Volunteers Across America: Indiana

My name is Andrea Smith. I’m semi-retired after working in business communications and teaching college English, and I’m a volunteer with President Obama’s re-election campaign in Indiana.

I’m originally from the President’s adopted city of Chicago, but I’ve lived in Indianapolis for the last 16 years. I work with a neighborhood team, and I’m looking forward to working with Women for Obama. My passions are voter registration and making sure women understand the stakes in this election.

I get such a kick out of sharing what President Obama and his administration have done for the country—I’m just so proud of their achievements. Number one on my list would be the President’s actions to get the economy back on track and save the auto industry. Before President Obama took office, Indiana had lost a lot of manufacturing, so the revival of the auto industry is going to play a huge role here.

Number two would be the Affordable Care Act, which is already helping millions of people—including women, seniors, and children. In recent years, I’ve had loved ones who faced health challenges, and I faced some myself when a serious auto accident left me with health issues. I know how important it is to have access to health care.

I’m also very proud of what President Obama has achieved in foreign policy, and that he’s ended the war in Iraq. He’s kept us safe and earned the respect of world leaders.

One thing I’ve learned is you cannot pre-judge who might be a supporter of the President. You have to talk to everyone and share the stories and successes. For example, in 2008, I was registering an older gentleman who hadn’t voted in years. Once he learned about President Obama’s ideas for Social Security, he couldn’t wait to register. I find that when you help people see how policies affect them personally, they make the right decision to register and support President Obama’s plan for the country.

When I meet a supporter who’s thinking about signing up to volunteer for the first time, I tell them the truth: I’ve never seen a president in my lifetime like President Obama—he genuinely cares about everyone in this country. He’s been consistent and kept his promises. I tell them we cannot afford to go back to the policies that devastated our country and we must do everything we can to make sure he gets another term to take us further.

I also tell them they will work with some of the most sincere, fun people I know, and that the people they meet in the neighborhoods will blow them away with how savvy they are about the issues and what President Obama has achieved. Most importantly, I tell them to just relax and have fun educating people about our President’s goals and achievements.

Ready to take Andrea’s advice? Sign up to volunteer in your hometown today.

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