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Volunteers Across America: Arkansas

My name is Jan Paschal. I'm a proud Democrat and a volunteer with Obama for America in northeastern Arkansas.

I have been involved in Democratic politics for as long as I can remember. I worked for President Clinton in the Department of Education, and since then have been especially involved with women's issues. I recently had the honor of being named National Federation of Democratic Women Person of the Year. The minute Barack Obama won the nomination in 2008, I was excited about what we would be able to accomplish and I was 100 percent ready to work to get him elected.

When President Obama took over we were on the edge of a cliff. Now we are finally fighting our way back. President Obama has the qualities we want in our leader, and I am proud of what he has already done to help and what he is trying to do.

Poverty is a major issue in our state. I run a food pantry that feeds people from four different towns and I see the need for jobs and an economy that works for working people, not just the rich. The people of Arkansas are fed up with all the breaks going to those at the top and politicians that only stand with the wealthy. They want the ability to find a good job and make a decent living to be able to take care of their families. President Obama has been fighting for jobs but is being blocked by Republicans in Congress. We need to call them out for what they are doing and the damage it is doing to people across this country.

Arkansas is a beautiful state, but it's the people that make me proud to call it home. Folks in this state are warm, caring, and are always ready to turn out and help one another. We need to come together and stand up for what's right in 2012.

Right now we have a President who is committed to getting America going again and who believes our best isn't over. That is why I am ready to help President Obama win another term. My focus is going across the state and organizing Democratic women to build neighborhood teams in every county. Even though we didn't win here in 2008, Democrats shouldn't give up on Arkansas. People have seen how hard the President has been working and I think they are even more motivated to support and work for him than they were last time around.

I've learned from my experiences that every single person has a gift and has something to contribute. Nothing feels better than helping your community and your country go in the right direction. If we do nothing and just expect President Obama to do everything himself, we won't get anything done. We need to put ourselves out there to support the President and win this election.

Thank you so much,


P. S. I still believe in "Yes We Can."

Jan is confident that the hard work Arkansas volunteers are doing will make a difference in 2012. Stay connected with them on Twitter: @OFA_AR.
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