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Volunteers Across America: Alaska

My name is Jackie Shepherd, and I am a mother of three, a small business owner, and a volunteer for Obama for America in Anchorage, Alaska.

President Obama’s personal story is what motivated me to get involved with the campaign back in 2008, and it wasn’t a hard decision to start volunteering again for 2012. There is no other option than President Obama winning a second term in office—there is too much left to do.

Right now, I’m focused on connecting with volunteers that were involved in 2008 and want to get back to work on this campaign. I also want to reach out to parents with young children and make it easier for them to attend supporter events without having to worry about finding a babysitter.

Alaska is definitely a unique place to organize and campaign. Since people tend to stay in their houses most of the time in the winter because of the weather, there aren’t a lot of activities going on in the city. So any event we organize usually gets a good amount of buzz because it’s a great chance for people to be social. Last weekend, we held a rally to support the President in downtown Anchorage. About 30 of us got together to wave Obama 2012 signs and banners while we wore our campaign T-shirts. It was cold, but it was nothing a little hot chocolate couldn’t make better.

My favorite part of living in Alaska is the hard-working and passionate people I get to interact with every day. Alaskans are big on individual freedom and allowing people to live their lives. That’s why the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was such a big issue here. We are also very interested in renewable energy and want our state to be the leader of the new energy future.

I encourage anyone who wants to see the President win another term to get involved. One of my favorite things President Obama said in the last campaign was that this wasn’t just about his ability to bring about change—it was about our ability to do it together. It’s a shared responsibility, and the work we do now—building long-lasting relationships and our organization—will help us win in 2012.

We’re all in this together,


Stay updated with the great work being done by the team in the Last Frontier by following them on Twitter @OFA_AK.

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