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Volunteers Across America: Alabama

We're organizing in communities and neighborhoods across the country. As we count down to the election next November, we'll be publishing a note from a volunteer in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, giving us an update on how folks are building this organization where they are.

My name is Ken Kronebusch and I am a veteran and volunteer for the campaign in Mobile, Alabama.

Helping President Obama is personal for me. My mother died of cancer after a horrible two-and-a-half-year battle. Shortly after she passed away, my father got a bill from the hospital for $500,000 that wasn’t covered. He was forced to sell his house and he didn’t have anything left. Ever since that experience, I’ve wanted someone to fix the broken health care system. President Obama took on health care reform, and that really motivated me to get involved. I was soon up to my hips helping build support for the Affordable Care Act here in Mobile. The President was fighting to help people and I wanted to be right there fighting with him.

Now, as we gear up for 2012, a lot of what I do is focused on refining, cleaning up, and building our list of supporters so that it’s ready to go on Election Day. I organize a phone bank every Thursday night in downtown Mobile and make sure the data we collect is accurate. One of my favorite activities is organizing voter registration drives at local schools and public events. We recently had an event at a high school where we registered 55 new voters.

Even though Alabama is often a tough state for Democrats, the issues that matter to folks in this state are similar to what is on the minds of people across the county. There are a lot of working-class people here and their number one concern is having jobs that pay decent wages and include benefits. Education is a burning issue—we can’t allow education cuts or we will kill our country’s future. Being on the Gulf Coast, folks are also very interested in environmental issues—they want to keep it protected.

If you care about these issues and continuing to make progress in this country, you can’t just sit on the sidelines. President Obama is the best person to lead on what matters to us and the best thing we can do to help him is to get involved.

Come visit us sometime.


For more updates from Alabama (a state Ken says promises the best fresh seafood of your life), check out their blog—and stay tuned for more from our volunteers across the country.

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