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"We've got your Back" Volunteer Spotlight on Jenna Snyder

Jenna Snyder
I've got Obama's back because he can change things, and change them for the better. ~ Jenna Snyder

We want to send out a big welcome to the team to Jenna Snyder!

Jenna is one of the Fellows that will be working on the campaign this summer.

We asked her a simple question: "Why do you have Obama's back?"

Here is what she said:

"I've got Obama's back because he makes me hopeful. He has passion I haven't seen before, and it's that passion makes me hopeful. Our country and our democracy aren't toys to be played with, they aren't special clubs only a few people can join, and Obama understands that in the greatest way possible. His policies seek fairness, his policies seek to include everyone, his policies seek to not only make America a better place, but the American people better people. I think that's important. I think that hope isn't just a slogan, it's real life, it's a real goal, and more than that, it's not simple. It takes a lot of people to make good, lasting change, and I've got Obama's back because he cares about those people on an individual level, and wants to support and protect them to the best of his abilities. I've got Obama's back because he can change things, and change them for the better."

Jenna is from Bismarck, ND and is studying Political Science and Communications at the University of Minnesota - Moorhead.

Jenna is part of the Students for Obama organization and helped host the OFA-MN Youth Summit.

Welcome to the team Jenna and thank you for all your efforts!

Jenna's In - Are you In?

We all can make a difference.

Sign up today to help make phone calls, organize your neighborhood or support the president in any way you can.

He needs us to all have his back in 2012.

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